Thursday, December 4, 2008

Banner for legacy Mac servers

Apple entered the internet server market on April 10, 1995 when they introduced their Apple Internet Server Solution at Internet World in San Jose, CA. The press announcement described it as "an affordable and easy way to establish a presence on the Information Superhighway."

Included in the software bundled with the servers was a graphic logo for placement on web pages to tell the world they were hosted on a web server powered by an Apple Macintosh:

I've spotted this logo on a couple of web sites served up by legacy Macs and thought it rather clever, but decided to change it up a bit to send a more accurate message. You are welcome to add it to your web site if you like:

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Glenn said...

After testing the new banner on the home page of the Color Classic it looks rather overwhelming in comparison to the rest of the content, so I will make a smaller version, too.