Thursday, December 4, 2008

Changes for early December 2008

I haven't found a way to get the hard drive to spin down on the Color Classic even when all of the applications are running off a RAM disk, so I've given up on that option. When this hard drive calls it quits I may decide to seek silence by installing a solid state drive like the clever fellow over at junkstation did for his Performa 450! I have an 8G compact flash sitting in a drawer from an old Canon digital camera that would increase drive space on the Color Classic by a factor of 100 and reduce heat and noise inside the case dramatically.

The web pages have been updated to include a new banner (see previous blog posting) as well as a little sound easter egg you can hunt for yourself.

The Belkin wireless gateway arrived but I've not had a chance to test it yet. Right now I need to get my new Ooma Hub online to quit paying for phone service!

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